Sleeping Beauty (2011)


The Nobodies / Marilyn Manson

"The video itself seems to contain a vast amount of symbolism. It attempts to expose the controlling and aggressive behavior of the media and religion, a common theme throughout the "Holy Wood" era.

The “elderly characters” have costumes that seem to be parodying that of religious figures, and dominate the lives of the depraved children. When the children are discovered to be missing, these characters begin to search for the children using guard dogs and are seemingly intimidated by Manson (this scene can be seen as a possible display of how sheer hostility is used to control and instill fear in others). Upon Manson’s appearance, they immediately bend down to kiss his ring and are easily pleased by his donation of money (a sign of their greed and obsession with riches). Manson acts as the savior of the children, shielding them inside his cloak and destroying their tyrannical guardians.

The video slightly corresponds with the lyrics of the song (both dealing with media violence), though bears no references to the Columbine High School Massacre, which serves as the primary example of this violence in the lyrics.”


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